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Simply New Starter Home Brew Kit with Keg


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Simply New Starter Beer kit with Keg Starter Kit
Everything you need to brew your first 40 pints of quality home brew beer!
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This is an excellent value new starter to get your going as a home brewer. At the same time it doesn't cut corners by leaving essential equipment out e.g. anti sediment trap to stop yeast being transferred to your keg! Anyone trying to sell you a kit with just a tube for a syphon doesn't care about your brewing experience.

It's never been easier to brew quality real ale using natural ingredients. Each kit comes complete with instructions plus we've added our own hint's and tips guide so you can avoid common mistakes and be 100% confident that your first batch of Beer is something to be proud of when your mates come knocking, and they will!

The Simply range uses the latest advances in technology and packaging. Each Simply pouch is 'cold filled' with liquid malt extract as opposed to the traditional 'hot filled' canning method, by doing so makes for a final fresher tasting beer. By using a pouch enables us to use less packaging materials and helps reduce cost by up to two thirds, allowing us to invest more into higher quality ingredients.
Included in this kit:- 
  • 25 Litre Fermenting bucket with lid
  • Keg complete with tap and pin valve
  • LCD stick on Thermometer
  • Hydrometer (used to measure potential alcohol content and also tells you when your beer is ready to transfer to your keg)
  • Syphon tube with rigid rod and anti sediment trap (prevents yeast transferring to your keg, if someone tries to sell you a New Starter kit without an anti sediment trap they don't care about the quality of your beer)
  • VWP Cleaner and Steriliser 100g
  • 2x CO2 bulbs (used to keep the pressure up in the keg so that every pint has a good head every time)
  • CO2 bulb holder (used to inject the CO2 bulbs into your keg)
  • Airlock (prevents bacteria ruining your beer during fermentation)
  • Paddle
  • Simply Beer kit of your choice which includes instructions, liquid malt extract and a packet of beer yeast
  • 1kg of Brewing sugar
  • Our own hints and tips guide so you can avoid common mistakes and be 100% sure that your first batch of beer will be something to be proud off.

Now all that's left is to choose the type of real ale that best suits you. All kits make 40 pints:-

Lager, 4.4%: Full golden crisp lager, light & refreshing with honey notes and a lingering bittersweet finish.

Bitter, 4.4%: Classic tawny British best bitter with a fantastic biscuit malt body that leads to a robust and cleansing bitter finish.

Yorkshire Bitter, 4.4%: Full bodied amber beer, juicy malt with a tempting dark fruit aroma and caramel flavours that develop into a pithy bitterness.

Pale Ale, 4.4%: An elegant easy drinking beer with good malt sweetness with a hint of vanilla and a clean aftertaste.

Brown Ale, 4.4%: Brown ale with a rich full malty caramel and chocolate flavour, very quaffable.

Mild, 4.4%: A smooth dark malty ale with hints of stone fruit and raisins, soft bitterness with a lingering sweetness with hints of caramel.

Export Stout, 4.3%: Dark rich stout, smooth with full roasted malt character throughout with dark fruits and dark chocolate notes.

Ginger Beer, 4.4%: Truly delicious alcoholic ginger beer, subtle malty flavours with well-balanced sweetness finished with the unmistakable fiery taste of real ginger. Great served over ice with a wedge of lime.

*Uk Mainland 48 hour delivery, Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands £6.00 per order, 3 - 5 working day delivery.
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  1. My first homebrew kit 5

    Posted by Stewart Mullen on 25th Jun 2015

    Has it really been over a year.....
    Before I write this review I take no responsibility if you then go out and buy more new shiny things to do with home brew. (Because you will)
    This was my first home brew kit, I think I got the idea after the One Show had a segment about homebrew wine and beer and it flicked a switch in my head. I remember my Dad back in the late 70's trying to make home made wine and beer. I also remember his frustration and disappointment at the results. Thankfully things have changed, back then we didn't have central heating, double glazing, insulated lofts, so it was always difficult to keep a constant temperature, back then your choices were "Beer" "Lager" "Red wine" "White Wine" all non descript and you bought all your supplies at Boots the Chemist.
    Thankfully it's 2015 and there is an avalanche of Real Ale kits to suit every taste and budget and all are available on this website.

    To be honest my inspiration to start home brew was because I became sick and tired of finding the same mass produced crappy tasteless lager and over priced real ales in the local supermarket. The real deal breaker for me was cost, a pint of home brew even if you buy this kit its £1.62 a pint (if my maths is wrong I am sorry) but the bottom line is this brewing your own beer is cheaper and better quality than anything you can buy in a can, bottle or hand pulled into a pint glass.

    This kit comes with virtually everything you will need to produce your first home brew, the only extras you will need is some petroleum jelly (behave!) to lube up the threads on the barrel, some finings to clear your beer, and a lot of patience. The brew kit is made up of high quality items, after a year I am still using the same equipment.

    Thankfully when this kit arrives there are instructions, also I believe there are You Tube videos put up by Home Brew Life. They are so easy to follow, if you can boil water you can brew beer.

    Do yourself a favour, start home brewing.