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New Starter Home Brew Kit with Keg


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New Starter Home Brew Beer Kit with Keg
Makes 23 litres (40pints) at a time
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This kit is an excellent value Micro Brewery to get your started as a home brewer. At the same time it doesn't cut corners by leaving essential equipment out e.g. anti sediment trap to stop yeast being transferred to your keg! Anyone trying to sell you a kit with just a tube for a syphon doesn't care about your brewing experience.

It's never been easier to brew quality real ale using natural ingredients. Each kit comes complete with our own hint's and tips guide so you can avoid common mistakes and be 100% confident that your first batch of Beer is something to be proud of when your mates come knocking, and they will!

The Simply range uses the latest advances in technology and packaging. Each Simply pouch is 'cold filled' with liquid malt extract as opposed to the traditional 'hot filled' canning method, by doing so makes for a final fresher tasting beer. By using a pouch enables us to use less packaging materials and helps reduce cost by up to two thirds, allowing us to invest more into higher quality ingredients.

Included in this kit:- 
  • 33 Litre Fermenting bucket with lid
  • LCD stick on Thermometer
  • Hydrometer (used to measure potential alcohol content and also tells you when your beer is ready to transfer to your keg)
  • Syphon tube with rigid rod and anti sediment trap (prevents yeast transferring to your keg, if someone tries to sell you a New Starter kit without an anti sediment trap they don't care about the quality of your beer)
  • VWP Cleaner and Steriliser 100g
  • 2x CO2 bulbs (used to keep the pressure up in the keg so that every pint has a good head every time)
  • CO2 bulb holder (used to inject the CO2 bulbs into your keg)
  • Airlock (prevents bacteria ruining your beer during fermentation)
  • Paddle
  • Keg with tap and pin valve
  • Our own hints and tips guide so you can avoid common mistakes and be 100% sure that your first batch of beer will be something to be proud off.

*Uk Mainland 48 hour delivery, Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands £6.00 per order, 3 - 5 working day delivery.
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